Join A Nonprofit Board

Los Angeles, CA

Position Available: Nonprofit Board Member

Location: Los Angeles Area

Type: Volunteer

Commitment: Minimum 4 hours per month

We are seeking passionate, skilled, and dedicated individuals to serve on the boards of various nonprofit organizations in the Los Angeles area. CauseCoaching mission is to match potential board members with nonprofits that align with their expertise, experience, and interests. Serving on a nonprofit board is an opportunity to use your professional skills for social good, providing strategic direction, fiduciary oversight, and fundraising support to organizations making a real difference in the community.

Role and Responsibilities:
- **Strategic Leadership:** Contribute to the development and implementation of strategic goals and objectives.
- **Fiduciary Oversight:** Ensure the financial health and sustainability of the organization through sound financial management and oversight.
- **Fundraising and Development:** Actively participate in fundraising efforts, leveraging personal networks or contributing directly to support the organization's mission.
- **Commitment:** Devote a minimum of 4 hours per month to board meetings, committee work, and preparation for engagements.
- **Ambassadorship:** Serve as a passionate advocate for the organization, helping to raise its profile and broaden its network of supporters.

Ideal Candidate:
- Has professional expertise and management experience relevant to nonprofit leadership.
- Possesses lived experience or a strong connection to the cause the nonprofit supports.
- Demonstrates a commitment to community service and social impact.
- Is willing to engage in fundraising and development activities.
- Can commit to at least a one-year term of service, with a minimum of 4 hours of engagement per month.

Benefits of Serving:
- Make a meaningful impact on issues and causes you care about.
- Develop and refine leadership skills in a board setting.
- Expand your professional network by connecting with like-minded individuals.
- Gain valuable experience in nonprofit governance and strategic planning.

Get Started:
To explore board member opportunities that match your passion, expertise, and experience, we invite you to begin the application process. By filling out our application, you'll help us understand your interests and qualifications, ensuring a match with a nonprofit organization that can benefit most from your involvement.

To apply, please submit your preliminary application. Our team is dedicated to facilitating impactful connections between talented professionals and nonprofit organizations in need of leadership and guidance.

Join us in empowering nonprofit organizations and making a lasting difference in our community. Your skills and passion can help shape the future of numerous causes. Let’s get started on this rewarding journey together.

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Most nonprofit organizations that participate in CauseCupid will require fundraising goals as a condition of membership. This can be in the form of a "give" like writing a check, and/or a "get" like procuring a gift or facilitating a donation from a third party. A reasonable expectation many organizations require is a minimum of $500 give/get per year. What level would you be comfortable participating in a give/get? (*)
Do you have any previous Board experience? (This can include boards of professional affiliations, HOA, and membership organizations.)(*)
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